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Vilniaus jėzuitų gimnazija

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Vilnius Jesuit High School

Vilnius Jesuit  High School is situated in the most picturesque site of Vilnius, namely in the Old City that according to UNESCO resolution is included in the List of World Cultural Heritage.  It is an independent  Roman Catholic  school providing  secondary education  of high academic standard  and bringing up  younger generation of Lithuania  in accordance  with the principles of Jesuit education.

The history of Vilnius  Jesuit High School goes back to 1570  when  Colegium Vilnense Societati Jesu has been established. In September 1995 it reopened its doors for the schoolchildren of the independent Lithuania. Today 638 students at the age 10 to 18 attend  classes under the guidance of 62 teachers.
Vilnius Jesuit High School is an exceptional educational institution. High quality of education in terms of advanced curriculum to be presented to the learners in a way to gain maximum absorptive effect and maintenance of good relationships with the community are the most important advantages of the school. A significant effect is paid to teaching of foreign languages.  Students get involved in various annual projects that serve as a useful step to become prepared for their later university studies. On average 98% school leavers are potential candidates to continue their studies at the university level. Vilnius Jesuit High School is a participant to common projects with other Lithuanian schools.  Students and teachers take part in various international research projects including the EU-supported  Socrates Comenius  Project.
Practical skills acquired in socializing activities play an important role in the educational process.  Such activities involve working with vulnerable layers of the population such as disabled people, orphans, etc.1-4 year students willingly perform their duties in doing some social work (120 hours). The aim of such an undertaking is to foster among young people the willingness and readiness to help and serve others in an unselfish way.
According to their preferences, the students can choose to participate in the activity of various profiled clubs, such as biology, physics, chemistry, information science, journalism, drama circles, etc.  The preference is given to spiritual and informal education.  Several weeks per year the students, according to their age group, are invited to spend their time at the campsite where they have a retreat on the lap of nature.
As regards the aspirations of the teaching staff, they are aimed at continuous development of professional skill. The seminars for upgrading the qualification standard are initiated twice a year:  autumn and spring. The teachers participate in international vocational training courses as well.

VIDEO Jesuit High School - Tradition for the Future

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Vilniaus jėzuitų gimnazija
Didžioji g. 32 (įėjimas iš Augustijonų g. 5)
01128 Vilnius

tel. (5) 261 54 36, 261 54 33
faks. (5) 261 54 37
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