Recording Studio

garso stud ger

Do you sing? Do you play a musical instrument(s)? Do you make music, or maybe podcasts?

Then in Lojoteka’s Recording Studio you will feel at home. A professional electrical grand piano “Nord Piano 4”, “Schoeps” and “Neumann” microphones and “RME” and “Genelec” sound equipment await you. With the acoustic team in the equipped sound studio, you can learn to record various musical instruments and vocals, voice-over events, concerts, animated and cinema movies, and also use an industry-standard audio processing software and hardware.

Space. Up to 12 people (optimal for 6 people)

Location. Lojoteka’s basement (on the -1 floor)


You can learn more about the sound recording studio’s technology and opportunities on our Youtube channel:



Equipment list (in Lithuanian)