Committee of Parents

Functions of the Parents' Committee

  • Brings together Parents for the purpose of improving the School's activities, achieving common goals, promoting communication and cooperation between Parents and the School, and building the School community.
  • Helps to plan, organise and carry out non-formal and extracurricular education, encourages initiative and involvement of the School community, and seeks to translate the initiatives and wishes into individual projects/programmes and specific achievements.
  • Helps to solve the issues of pupils' health, nutrition, staff employment, occupational safety, hygiene, attendance, breaches of order and other issues.
  • Assists in organising meetings and events for parents of pupils, the School community, parent education and information.
  • Delegates 3 members of the Committee (the Chairperson and 2 others of his/her choice) to the School Council and 3 members of the Committee to the Teachers' Attestation Committee.
  • Cooperates with the School's self-governing bodies and administration.
  • Is interested in and seeks, performs and/or organizes various possibilities of support and other assistance to the School/students.

Members of the Parents' Committee

  • Chairperson of the Parents' Committee
  • Two Vice-Chairpersons of the Parent Committee
  • Parent Committee Secretary
  • One representative from each class

Working groups

In order to be effective, the members of the Parents' Committee shall serve on the following working groups:

  • Education
  • Events
  • Initiatives and Projects
  • Organisation of Support

Parents' Committee meetings

Parents' Committee meetings. Meetings are held once a month on Thursdays. The specific schedule of meetings shall be fixed in advance in the Curriculum Calendar.
Activity Group Meetings. The frequency and dates of meetings shall be determined by agreement of the members of the groups and may be organised jointly with representatives of the administration if necessary.


Contact the Commitee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.