Social Service

Vilnius Jesuit High School social experience education is based on St. Ignatius pedagogy, which provides a link between experience, reflection and activity, and is perceived as a priority educational task. Students' social activities are a service implemented through mutual High Schools and students’ commitment.

The purpose of social service is to educate people who can sympathize with others by the example of Christ. It is, therefore, necessary to help students to foster values and develop psychosocial skills, creating the conditions for the experience of social service.

Experience of social service can be acquired in school activities, social service provider organizations, or initiatives organized by these organizations, in other ways.

Every year, the list of social partners, other places, and opportunities for social practice is updated and presented in the High School and its information space: website and social network.

Social service is a mandatory part of the school curriculum.

Pupils in grades 5-8 and I-III (high school grades) must complete a 120 hours of social practice during the entire schooling period by the following instructions:

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade I

Grade II

Grade III

10 hrs

10 hrs

10 hrs

10 hrs

10 hrs

10 hrs

60 hrs