Collected Wins from Geography Competitions

Every year, spring brings the start of the Geography Olympiads and competitions. This school year, our gymnasium students were successful!

The 2nd Lithuanian Geography Olympiad for grades 7-8 was held in April. 110 7th graders from different municipalities of Lithuania participated in the Olympiad. Our Gymnasium was represented by Benas Manstavičius, a student of grade 7a, who won a silver medal.

Another piece of happy news came from the 21st National Geography Competition for students of Česlovas Kudaba organised by Vilnius University. Elzė Grinevičiūtė, a student of class Im, took the geographic challenge by logging into the VU e-learning system and solving geographic tasks. Elzė overcame the challenge perfectly - she won the 1st place in Lithuania in this competition. She was awarded a first place diploma and a National Geographic subscription for her extensive geographical knowledge.

We are delighted and proud of the students' knowledge and achievements together with the whole VJG community!