Students Invited to International Maths Olympiads

On 29-30 April, the VU MIF hosted the selection for the International Mathematics Olympiads. Let's celebrate the results!
Tomas Babelis (IIIc), Gustas Pranckietis (IVc) and Jurgis Kemeklis (IIa) will represent Lithuania at the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) in Norway in July. 
Matas Garbaravičius (IIIc) and Dominykas Šatikas (IIa) have been invited to the Central European Mathematical Olympiad (MEMO) in Switzerland at the end of August.
All IMO and MEMO participants:
Our 6th grader Rugilė Dzindzalietaitė also competed in the selection together with students from 9-12 grades. She was only one point behind the best-performing girl, so she was invited to participate in the European Girls Mathematics Olympiad (EGMO), which will take place next spring in Slovenia.
This spring, the daily routine of the Maths Club turned into a miracle. Thank you to all the participants and congratulations to the winners!