Behind the Masks - a Collaborative Project Between VJG and Italian Students

Two years ago, our Gymnasium's friendship with the Liceo Classico F. Vivona school in Rome developed into a joint eTwinning project with the participation of the students of Class IIIb this spring! 

Together with students from Italy, they created the online magazine "Behind the Masks".

Students from our gymnasium share their impressions and experiences:

It was fun to discover the cultural differences between Lithuanians and Italians, to talk about Rome and Vilnius. Soon we all got together and met several times. Even though everything was done remotely, we already feel close and would love to meet in person one day! /Rapolas/

A very interesting experience! It was fun not only to improve my English, but also to get to know Italian culture and people! It was incredibly easy to communicate, and the cultural similarities are as many as the differences! I just need to visit Rome! /Benita/

This project was not only a chance to practice your English skills, but also to broaden your horizons and learn about Italian culture and lifestyle. It was interesting to compare our leisure time and hobbies with those of our peers from Rome. It was nice that it was easy to find a common language and that we talked about things other than the project. If it was so much fun to work remotely, it would have been even more fun in person! /Edvardas/

It was truly an extraordinary experience! Our group made friends right away, we found a common language, and we divided the work easily. I think the best part is that we got the chance to learn about Italian culture and lifestyle from Italians our age. I look forward to more projects like this! /Emilja/

Read the online magazine here >