Culture Night 2021

We Welcome to the events in Loyoteca and the former Jesuit novitiate on 24 September!

At Culture Night, you will be able to see and experience Loyoteca up close.

For all the information about the buzz at the Gymnasium's Education and Media Centre and to register, click here:


The Gymnasium Theatre Studio and the Choir"Krantas"  spread culture beyond the walls of the Gymnasium and invite you to see them in the library of the Centre for Information and Publication of Military Sciences (former Jesuit Novitiate),  Šv. Ignoto g. 6.
6:30 pm. In the reading room of the library, a performance of the gymnasium theatre studio "The Night of the Closed Door".
7:30 pm. Concert by the choir "Krantas" in the Fresco Hall.
Free of charge, you must have an Opportunities Passport and register by email.
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For the full Culture Night programme at the former Jesuit novitiate click here:      

Let's have fun on Friday!