Liudas Mažylis, europarlamentaras

Congratulations to Magda Kraučiūnaitė, a student of class 5e, who took 2nd place in the essay and poem competition "I celebrate Lithuania"! The essays were selected and evaluated from almost 350 entries that came not only from Lithuania, but also from Italy, Poland and America.

Magdė writes: "Freedom is a sea of possibilities and joy. Its blue waters are always being broken by the waves of thoughts and ideas, and its shores of limitations allow for meaningful exploration of the world."

Freedom and the limit, the relationship with memory, which is not somewhere far away and long ago, but right here - in parents, grandparents, in the intoxicating dance of a song festival, in customs. The personal effort to grasp, to name what it means to be not only a Lithuanian, but a free person, is also evident in the works of the other authors-winners. There is an active search for a word, an image, a colour, a sound. The Lithuanian from Punsk's pronouncement, "Little Lithuania", is meaningful, fitting into the palms of Čiurlionis' Kings, into the handful of an exile, into the embrace of a mother, into the essay of a student...

For Magde's other works, see:

The competition was organised by Member of the European Parliament Prof. Liudas Mažylis on the occasion of February 16th.

Liudas Mažylis, europarlamentaras

Tomas Babelis

Babelis TomasCongratulations to Tomas Babelis (IIm) on his excellent results!

In the European Cup Competition (EMC), Tomas was the best Lithuanian competitor and received a letter of commendation. 

The IYMC competition attracted mathematicians (pupils and students) from 98 countries around the world. Tom's result was in the top 2%.

Thank you Tom and best wishes for a successful International Olympiad in the future!

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