Mokiniai pozuoja TEDxVJG renginyje

The TEDxYouth@VJG event on 9 October 2021, organised by the Gymnasium Student Parliament, was a great success, with all tickets sold out. Thanks to the amazing speakers, the cosy cinema "Pasaka" was full of new ideas, knowledge and experiences about the Big Little Things that surround us for half a day.

During the event, 15 speakers presented 14 speeches: Goda Sungailaitė, an English teacher and camp organiser at Vilnius Jesuit Gymnasium, Kristijonas Šidlauskas, co-founder of Kandy Agency and founder of Tubular Media, Dainius Adomaitis, a basketball coach, and Skirmantas Malinauskas, a public figure, vlogger and journalist, Jokūbas Jasas, a gymnasium student and founder of Discite, Vida Lipskytė, an expert teacher of theatre and rhetoric and drama therapist at the VJG, Adomas Druktenis, an alumnus of the Vilnius Jesuit Gymnasium and a camp organiser, Jurgis Terleckas and Matas Gancevičius, co-authors of the "5AM Podcast", and others.
TEDxYouth@VJG was opened by the contemporary dance collective "Gama", and during the event the audience was enchanted by Baltasis Kiras.
The highest quality of the event and the realisation of the vision was ensured by the partners.
TEDx events are events where representatives from various fields of study and experience share their presentations and experiences on topics of interest to students, community members and society. The aim of TED conferences is to inspire and educate participants and to do so without any profit motive. Read more about TEDx here
All talks can be found on the TEDx Talks Youtube channel: 

Jurgis Terleckas & Matas Gancevicius | Why Is It Worth To Have Problems?

Martyna Feser | The Labyrinths Of Freedom or Who Can Climb a Mountain Without Being Tired?

Kristijonas Šidlauskas | Why Being Dumb Is My Best Strategy?

Jurgita Rudėnaitė | It Sucks? That Is The First Step

Dainius Adomaitis | Mental Health And Its Importance In Sports

Dainius Jakučionis | How To Not Burn Through School

Goda Sungailaitė | The Choices We Make

Aivaras Vilutis | I Have Lost My Vocabulary

Jokūbas Jasas | If You Want, You Always Can

Vida Lipskytė | How Are You?

Adomas Druktenis | Let's Stop Fighting and Start Cooperating

Skirmantas Malinauskas | I'm a Loser. So Are You

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We wish you inspiration and new ideas!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

The Little Academy, located under the roof of the Lithuanian Catholic Academy of Science, invites all those who wish to form an independent, seriously reasoned view of God and faith, to acquire and improve their knowledge of Christianity and the Christian life.

The spring semester begins in January 2022. 

Parlamentarai puošia kalėdinę eglutę

After the biggest holidays of the year are over, and 2022 is just about to accelerate, we - the members of the student parliament - invite you to familiarize yourself with the most important events of the festive weeks in the gymnasium. December was full of colors and a variety of Christmas activities that brightened the days for all members of the community!

During Advent, we shared the tasks created by MTMP (Small Student Parliament) on the MS Teams platform and @tmp_vjg Instagram account on a daily basis. Their goal is to give Advent meaningfulness, coziness and more community!

On December 3 Community members were also delighted by a playlist of carefully selected Christmas songs shared by members of MTMP. You can find it on Spotify and Youtube platforms.

On December 9 after a long break, a long awaited evening of films returned to the gymnasium to the main hall of Lojoteka. All the students of the gymnasium who wanted to watch the classic Christmas film "How Grinch stole Christmas" were invited to the event. Photos from the event.

On December 12 St. at the Šv. Kazimieras Church, everyone gathered was fascinated by the gymnasium choir "Krantas" in the concert Cantate Domino, which marked the official start of the choir's 25th concert season. You can listen to short fragments here.

On December 13-17 days Christmas postcard workshops were held intensively in Lojoteka, which were accessible to all students. The postcards delighted those who lacked the warmth the most during the holiday season - they were handed over to the grandparents' house Senevita!

The 17th of December was celebrated by the gymnasium with a themed laundry day and Christmas music during breaks. Students were able to vote for the classes that wear the most “Christmas” uniforms, and thus elect the winners! Congratulations again to IIIm, who took first place and a visit to bowling and 7c and primary second class after starting second and third places!

On December 19 was released the first this year (and seventh overall) episode of VJG LIVE. Antanas Dzimidavičius, a gymnasium physics teacher and the head of the education department, is interviewed in this series. In the show you will hear unheard stories from school life, unexpected life facts and all the answered questions about the profession of "discipline teacher". We invite you to take a look!

The December 20th marks the premiere of the VJG Advent newspaper! The small student parliament once again delighted members of the community with its newspaper, this time about Advent! Gift ideas, recipes, fun facts, jokes and more can be found in the digital magazine! Make sure to read it!

Also from December 20th. Until Christmas, Vilnius Jesuit Gymnasium shared a series of musical greetings “Sounding VJG Christmas” on the Facebook page. Even in six parts of the concert, you will be able to hear performances by different members of the community - students, teachers and parents. Make sure to listen to them!

On January 1 the premiere of an unprecedented project - ,,Christmas Kitchen” - took place on the Youtube account of the VJG Student Parliament! In a hilarious episode, the title of Best Culinary was struck by joint teams of teachers and members of parliament and congratulated viewers on the most beautiful holidays of the year. We invite you to remember the cozy Christmas atmosphere with this show!

TMP congratulates you with the New Year, wishes you a cozy winter and productive work when you return to school after the holidays! Best wishes <3

2022 01 07 alfa event cover

It is a course for believers and non-believers alike.
It is an opportunity to hear different speakers share their experiences and insights.
It is a way to get to know Christianity better, to find out what it really stands for.

This month, the fifth-graders of our Gymnasium have been learning about H.K. Andersen's childhood, reading his fairy tales, studying them, making plays, taking part in a quiz and illustrating a chosen fairy tale during art lessons. Presentations and discussions of the illustrations took place at the Lojoteka last week.Penktokai Lojotekoje

Penktokai Lojotekoje

Penktokai aprašo labiausiai įsiminusias pasakas Penktokai aprašo labiausiai įsiminusias pasakas

We are delighted with the beautiful work of the fifth graders.

Teachers Jūratė Tamošiūnaitė-Karašauskienė and Jūratė Vilčiauskaitė-Smelstorienė

Mokiniai įsiamžina su apdovanojimais

On Saturday at LITEXPO, Vilnius Jesuit Gymnasium was represented by the young company GIMNAZIYA together with economics teacher Danute Bareikiene at the event "Christmas is Back - eXpo 2021". The team consists of two Jesuit Gymnasium students, Miglė Sveikataitė (IIIc) and Kovas Kastanauskas (IIIa), and a student from Vilnius Užupis Gymnasium, Saulė Paulauskaitė.

Eleventh graders of the gymnasium presented their clothing line "GIMNAZIYA", shared their creative path and experience of business creation. The young entrepreneurs were awarded the nomination "Best financial accounting of a young company"!

We are proud of the active and entrepreneurial young people who not only make the Gymnasium famous but also create a bright future for Lithuania with their diligent and hard work and innovative ideas!

For more information on the event, see here:
GIMNAZIYA website:






Photos from personal archive and „JA Lietuva“

Text author: Lidija Radzevičiūtė

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