We would like to share some moments from the JEEP (Jesuit European Educational Project) project week.

This year, our school was represented by four 10-th graders: Viktorija Kazlauskaitė, Gustė Malinauskaitė, Adomas Cvilikas and Teofilė Jovaišaitė. During the project, each student was part of a different commitee and worked together with other pupils from six different countries. Together, they imitated the European Parlament by tackling important questions on politics, equality, economics and consititution. In the end, each commitee presented the resolutions that they had developed during the week and answered various questions on them. All of the students participating distinguished themselves as smart, remarkably well-read and polite.

We were extremely grafetul to have been able not only to visit the famous sights of the gorgerous city that Barcelona is, but also to meet spanish and belgian students and admire the marvelous 130 years old Saint Ignacius jesuit school, located in the heart of Barcelona.


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Dvyliktokai šoka ant scenos

The 11th graders are still reliving their memories of the party on 11 February, so they are sharing their impressions with the Gymnasium community too!

This year's theme, "Lithuanian Television Shows of the 2000s", required extraordinary preparation and acting, artistic and directing skills! The event lasted almost two hours and was full of laughter, tears and the most beautiful emotions.

At the beginning of the evening, the 12th graders were greeted by their beloved teachers with a musical performance of Tele Bim-Bam "Televizorius". The 12th graders were then invited to participate in classroom activities, where they reminisced about their childhood and discovered how well they know each other. During the 100th birthday show, we performed six legendary shows: "Bicycle News", "Congratulations Concert", "OTHER", "Dance with Me", "TV Help" and "Gustav's Encyclopedia". It was great to embody a myriad of characters inspired by the most famous Lithuanian TV legends and, of course, by the 12th graders themselves. The audience was entertained with a musical performance by a group of 11th graders who performed three songs. One of the songs was their own, written especially for the centenary celebration and for the graduating gymnasts, while the others were well-known to everyone: "Suddenly I see" and "Seven Nation Army". The biggest surprise for the teachers and the 11th graders was the presence of two dances created by the 12th generation - one of them was a surprise from the girls for the 12th graders. And the event ended with a dance by the third generation and a feast - both guests and participants enjoyed sweet panacotta and shared their impressions, hugs and thank-yous!

Thanks to Lojoteka and Vytenis for their professional equipment and the high quality of the event! The 11th graders also say a big thank you to each other for their ideas and dedication, to all the helpers, the administration and the third grade teachers who advised, consulted and were always there for them during the stressful preparation period. We will share the video of the birthday play soon!

Until next time!

Simtadienis 2022 3743 min

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Photographer – Pranas Žeromskas

Article editor – Emilija Pacauskaitė

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