Our days are like a holiday," sings V. Kernagis. Our days are like colours," echoes the sixth and seventh graders of the Gymnasium, who took part in the annual German Song Festival on 3 December and sang Nena's song "Farben" (colours). 

This is the first German language project in which the senior pupils of the Gymnasium have participated together with the young first-graders. Agnė, Beatričė, Sibilė, Daumantas, Domas, Lukas, Dovydas and Karolis invited their little friends to film the video. First-graders Eleonora, Rusnė, Sofija, Sofija Simona, Teodora, Teresė, Leitis and Jokūbas helped to create the video for the song together with their teacher, Jolita Pavalkienė, during art class. Media specialist Vytenis Gadliauskas showed all the possibilities of the Lojoteca sound recording studio for creative work.
We invite you to admire! 


The wisdom of the heart is the way from oneself to one's neighbor;seeing the meaning of being with others and for others; giving to the community what it needs most at the moment... Thoughts shared at the Fifth Parents' Benevolence Programme Evening on 11 November.

Thank you to everyone who has given and is giving the time that we are all in for the sake of our Gymnasium community and to make it more, more of a community. Unlocking the vision through communion, participation and mission.

Thank you to the organisers of the evening: the Parents' Committee, the Pupils' Parliament, the staff of the Loyoteca and the Gymnasium, and especially to our guests Aurelija and Aurelius Rusteika, who shared their personal experiences of charity in the construction of the living church in Dubingiai.

Moments of being together were photographed by Augustinas Počopka.

Tėvų geradarystės vakaras 2021-11-11 Tėvų geradarystės vakaras 2021-11-11
Tėvų geradarystės vakaras 2021-11-10 Tėvų geradarystės vakaras 2021-11-10
Tėvų geradarystės vakaras 2021-11-10 Tėvų geradarystės vakaras 2021-11-10
Tėvų geradarystės vakaras 2021-11-10 Tėvų geradarystės vakaras 2021-11-10

VJG stadiono sienos panorama naktį

 Apie VJG stadiono sieną

The Department of German Philology at Vilnius University, the Central Board of Foreign Education, the DAAD Club of Lithuania, the DAAD Lecturer's Office and the Lithuanian Association of Teachers of German have organised a photo competition "Spuren" - Searching for German traces and symbols in Lithuania.

The contest was attended by Teresė Gerdvilytė and Ugnius Mačiūnas, students of class 7c of our gymnasium. Their photos were selected for the top 20. We are very happy!

Congratulations also to Teresė, whose photo won 3rd place in the competition and was awarded a special prize!

The winning photos were on display this Sunday and Monday at St. On Monday and Monday and Sunday at St. John's Church.

See more photos here:              https://www.facebook.com/konkursas.spuren/videos/310056457220588

Tereses nuotrauka  




Congratulations to Jurgis Kemeklis and Mata Garbaravičius for taking first place in the Lithuanian Science Olympiad!
Congratulations to Titas Balčiūnas, who took second place in the LGM Olympiad!
We are very happy and wish you the best of luck in the International Junior Science Olympiad qualification!
Vilius Rudzkis, an eighth-grade student, won a silver medal at the Lithuanian Under-14 Rapid Chess Championship in Vilnius this weekend. Vilius did not lose a single game, played four draws, scored 7 points out of 9 possible. There were 50 players in his group. Big congratulations to Vilius!

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